When it comes to specialty moving, we always recommend going the professional route. Specialty items like pianos, paintings, fine art, sculptures, etc., require professional packing and moving services to ensure nothing gets damaged on the road or during the loading or unloading process. 

For the best specialty moving services, there is no better company than Next Generation Movers Inc.

We offer comprehensive specialty service support, including special moving equipment, white glove services, crating options, and so much more. 

Don’t take any chances with your valuables. Instead, trust Next Generation Movers to swiftly and safely move your most valuable items.

The Dangers Of DIY Speciality Moving

Specialty moving refers to valuable items that are usually expensive, fragile, or heavy. Sometimes they’re all three. While many items can fall under the specialty banner, they all have one thing in common: they need extra care when moving. 

It’s not the sort of moving process we’d ever recommend doing by yourself. As you can imagine, moving art pieces or moving a grand piano requires specialized packing that’s led by a professional.  

While everyday moving projects can be DIYed (with difficulty), specialty moving requires specific equipment, high-quality packing and protection materials, and expert knowledge. 

DIYing a specialty move could set you back thousands of dollars. It’s also likely that the items you are moving have a lot of sentimental value, and damage to them will cause severe emotional distress. 

Instead of risking it all and creating unnecessary drama for yourself, entrust your specialty moving needs to our professional and experienced movers. 

Dedicated and Experienced Specialty Moving Company

Next Generation Movers is a dedicated and experienced specialty moving company, and we’re confident we have everything you need. Here’s why:

White Glove Services

We offer white glove services, which are moving services that provide extra care, attention, and cleanliness to the moving process. We can safely move even your most fragile art pieces.

Safe Disassembly

Next Generation Movers can safely disassemble baby grand pianos. We’ll wrap the piano components and wrap and label all nuts, bolts, and other loose parts. 

Crating Services

We offer crating services for all fragile items needing extra protection while being transported. We’ll also carefully wrap and pack them to ensure everything is in the safest possible position and optimize the crate space.

Professional Moving Equipment

Professional piano moving and art moving requires specialized equipment. We have all the moving equipment to safely pack, protect, transport, and disassemble your special items. We also regularly service and clean our equipment to ensure only the best quality service. 

Affordable Rates

We offer affordable white glove moving services without compromising the quality of our services. We can do this because of a vast distribution and partnership network with suppliers. 

No Hidden Fees

We pride ourselves on providing honest and transparent service, and this sentiment extends to our service fees. With us, you only ever pay for the services you agreed to. We have no other hidden fees. 

Trustworthy Team

We understand you might be nervous about entrusting strangers with your most prized possessions. But all our movers can be trusted. We background check and provide our team with professional training. That way, they have the skills to carry out the job with utmost care.  

Licensed and Insured

Next Generation Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving company. 

Moving Custom and Valuable Home Items Properly

For those of you that have never used professional specialty moving services, we know it can be a little confusing. Lucky for you, our moving services are completed in three simple steps. 

  • Contact us: To get started with your specialty move, give our office a call to get a free quote. Tell us what you need, and be as specific as possible. The more we know about your specialty move, the better. Once we understand your requirements, we’ll create a custom moving plan and send you a quote. 
  • Book your move: Next, we’ll book your moving date and time and review the moving process. This ensures we’re all on the same page about your service needs. 

Let’s move!: On the moving day, we’ll arrive on time and ready to go. Our white-glove movers will prepare an inventory, wrap, and package all your valuables before loading and transporting them. We’ll then mirror the process when we reach your final destination.

Choose The Best Specialty Movers In The Area

With your most valuable belongings on the line, it’s best to choose the best–and that’s us. Our white-glove moving services, special training, and crating solutions make Next Generation Movers the obvious choice for your specialty moving needs. 

Contact us today and enjoy fast, affordable, and efficient fine art and valuable- handling guaranteed to save time, money, and stress.